Ebro Group sp. z o.o is a dynamically developing company operating in the field of real estates, property developer market and building market. The company was founded in 2015. We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service thanks to our professional  executives and staff, highly qualified in real estate market risk evaluation, real estate trading, design, construction supervision, sales and management.

Ebro Group sp. z o.o supports the complete investment process, starting with finding development areas, their analysis, preparation of the project, construction, supervision and putting the investment to business use.

Additionally, the company occupies itself with the real estate development and property sale in the secondary market. The company is also in the possession of real estate held for sale.
Business activities conducted by the company until now include e.g.:
  • investor's supervision over the collective residential building construction with the hotel function and excluded space dedicated to religious worship in Leżajsk; complete supervision over the design and construction documentation, as well as over the administrative documentation; supervision of the construction works, cooperation with the building contractor and with the local authorities;
  • cooperation with the developer in the construction completion of the residential housing Shiraz Park III in Pogórze near Gdynia; support in apartments sale;
  • apartments purchase from the developer – Willa Ułańska investment in Gdynia; sale of the apartments on the secondary market;

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Shiraz Park

Pogórze near Gdynia

Shiraz Trio
Warszawa, Bielany

Willa Ułańska

Gdynia Redłowo


Pogórze near Gdynia

Shiraz Park is an exceptional housing estate in a perfect localization. The elegant villa architecture matches the natural beauty of the surrounding gardens. Trasa Kwiatkowskiego, highway located nearby, ensures quick access to Obwodnica Trójmiasta (Tricity Beltway), to the center of Gdynia and the Baltic sea.

The housing estate Shiraz Park consists of a group of cosy apartment houses, accessed from a courtyards, filled with blooming flowers, shrubs and trees. Elegant sculptures depicting water birds give an unique touch to the stylish atmosphere of the place. Another attraction to feast the eyes on are the water ponds with thriving water plants.

Shiraz Park is an estate designed and built with a considerable aesthetic sense, technical precision and highest quality materials, by a trustworthy and reputable developer. Advanced monitoring system and building access control system provide the residents with comfort and safety. Moreover, for the residents convenience, driveway to the garage is built directly from the street, in order to eliminate car noise and gas emission in the area of the estate.

Warszawa Bielany

Shiraz Trio is a modern housing investment, consisting of three six-story buildings. The estate is located in the Bielany district in Warsaw, on Joseph Conrad Street. Our goal was to design an estate, which is friendly for the residents and the environment, and to create a place which fulfills the dreams about having your own place to live in. While designing and building new apartments, we paid a lot of attention to such factors as safety, ecology and comfort of living. We focused on elegant and noble solutions by joining functional and outstanding architecture.  Our investment is a perfect combination of an exquisite style with a modern form of the buildings. The estate is embellished with decorative elements, the pavement to a green courtyard is lined with stone. The uniqueness of our project is emphasized by the representative entrances to a staircases. In order to combine the ecological elements with timeless shape of the buildings, we decided to design balconies in green glass.

Gdynia Redłowo

Willa Ułańska is located near prestigious, quality residential area in Gdynia – Redłowo and Orłowo, on the edge of the natural landscape park Kępa Redłowska, walking distance from Gdynia Orłowo Pier. The close neighbourhood of the landscape park, the climate and exquisite natural values, remote from the hustle and bustle of the city life, are only some of the advantages guaranteed by this Investment.

Willa Ułańska is a very cosy, intimate investment, consisting of 16 elegant apartments, designed according to the newest trends in architecture. It provides the residents with the feeling of safety and comfort on the highest level, owing to well considered architectural solutions, ergonometrics and great attention to details.

The architectural concept of Willa Ułańska is based on the use of high class, quality materials and integrating them into an elegant, timeless body of the building. Staircases and common areas are finished with classic, luxurious materials as Indian granite, glass, stainless steel, wooden lining, decorative wallpapers and modern lighting.
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Ebro Group sp. z o.o. conducts also business activities as a project manager.  As such, it exercises a complete control over every investment: market analysis, finding development area, conducting its detailed analysis before the purchase, whole design and construction process and putting the investment to business use. The company is not afraid to take up challenges, even the most demanding ones. We can guarantee professional staff, profound knowledge of the real estate market and long standing business contacts with lawyers, architects, developers, banks, construction companies and other experts from the building and development market. Ebro Group Company provides an extensive and professional help to each and every investor in handling their projects.  

Currently, Ebro Group sp. z o.o is supervising the collective residential building construction with the hotel function and excluded space dedicated to religious worship in Leżajsk. Ebro Group helped with purchasing the lands for the construction site, preparing the documentation of the project, leading negotiations with the local authorities and obtaining the building permit. At the moment, the company is directing the ongoing works in Leżajsk.



Ebro Group Sp. z o.o. is also active in the purchase market. We buy well-located land properties in attractive places. We are interested in buying residential units, properties, development lands and investments from the area of real estate, tourism and commerce. Currently, Ebro Group Sp. z o.o. is looking for the lands in order to invest in housing estate in the area of Trójmiasto (Tricity) and Warsaw. The parcel should have land development conditions decision and area development plans.
The description of the offered property should inculde:
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